“We are proud to introduce the most comprehensive home health and hospice specific ICD-10-CM training program available!  2016 is here and with new ICD-10 codes being implemented in a few short months, everyone is looking for a solution to ICD-10 training……and you just found yours! 

AHIMA and CMS recommend 40-50 hours of training for coding and clinical staff.  Make no mistake, education and preparation are key to minimizing potential coding errors, reducing internal process slowdowns, claim denials, and cash flow disruptions.
Why CodePro University?  In a word…RESULTS!  Many of ICD-10 training programs available offer a generic, “one size fits all” approach. Focusing only on the actual ICD-10 coding component often ignores what it takes to make  ICD-10 successful overall. While this can help some team members at the individual level, it will most likely lack the comprehensive features needed by the overall organization. Experts in organizational training and development often describe the most successful approach to learning is one that delivers information at the functional level.  CodePro University offers a Role-Based Training model. 

What is Role-Based Training? 

Role-Based Training (RBT) has been shown to be most effective when presenting information to adult learners. Employing RBT provides individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to perform specific roles within an organization, and can result in a significant positive effect on user adoption, retention of material, and the overall success in understanding ICD-10 applications.

The Code Pro University Difference

  • Developed and taught by Lisa Selman-Holman, one of the most trusted Home Health and Hospice Coding experts and trainers in the industry.
  • On demand, web-based platform provides maximum flexibility.
  • Accessible to user 24/7 using PC, Mac, Windows, iPad, or Smart Phone. Staff can learn according to what works best for them and the organization.  All components are available at any time.
  • All coding and clinical training developed and taught by AHIMA Approved, ICD-10 Trainers who encompass decades of experience in home health and hospice
  • Subscription-based program provides ongoing training that allows users to refer to content as often as necessary.
  • Updated content available to subscribers as new information is available from entities such as CMS and The Coding Clinic.
  • Interactive format, including audio and video, worksheets, and quizzes throughout the modules.
  • CEUs for nursing and AHIMA coders. BMSC certification and Texas Home Care Administrator hours are available.
  • Administrator portal allowing agency managers to monitor staff progress and compliance with the training program.
  • Ability for viewers to submit questions relative to program content directly to experts.
  • Comprehensive anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology component for clinicians and coders in the documentation module.”

Lisa Selman-Holman JD, BSN, RN, HCS-D, HCS-O, COS-C

Lisa established her own home care and hospice consulting company, Selman-Holman & Associates, LLC, in 2004.

Lisa is certified as a Homecare Coding Specialist-Diagnosis (HCS-D) and is certified in OASIS competency, COS-C. She is the consulting editor to Eli Research's Home Health ICD-9 Alert. She is a frequent contributor to other home care periodicals. She is a member of the Board of Medical Specialty Coding (BMSC) specialty advisory board on home health coding and is a BMSC approved instructor for the HCS-D exam. She has participated on the OASIS Certificate and Competency Board on the Exam Review Task Force. She is an active member of the Texas Association for Home Care and frequently serves on regulatory task forces. She also has participated with the Texas Medical Foundation's Quality Improvement Organization State Home Health Coalition for OBQI.

Although, Lisa is well known for her education on coding, Lisa has wide expertise in home care and hospice issues.